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School Culture

School Compact 2018-2019


Diverse instructional strategies that bring arts into the core of the school day and connects arts to academics across the curriculum.

Our mission at Covington Integrated Arts Academy is to provide an arts environment that fosters the academic, emotional and social development of all learners, and to equip them with the necessary skills to be successful.

The vision of Covington Integrated Arts academy is for all our students to enter high school adequately prepared to achieve academic and career goals which will lead to their prosperity in the global community.

I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself, and others will be proud of me, too. I came to school to learn. I will learn. I will have a great day. It's up to me.

The members of our staff believe that…

·   Academic proficiency and growth toward proficiency for ALL STUDENTS is the primary focus of Covington Integrated Arts Academy.

·   ALL CHILDREN can learn, achieve and succeed.

·   Focused and frequent formative assessments will drive instructional decisions so that students’ needs are met.

·   A positive learning environment and rapport must exist in order to maximize learner growth and performance.

·   A variety of teaching strategies are needed to meet the needs of all learners.

·   Learner motivation and achievement is enhanced through the arts theme.

·   Students learn most easily in environments where they can get and use feedback about what they don’t’ know without fearing negativism.

·   The integration of academics and the arts will strengthen character, clarify judgment, and refine sensitivity, which are key elements to academic and career success.

·   Each learner should experience success and be inspired every day.

·   The Leader in Me should be implemented fully in our daily routines and classroom experiences toward proficiency.

·   High expectations promote high achievement. Children WILL rise to our expectations and students reflect the culture we develop.

·   Leaders, administrators, caregivers and community members should all share in decision-making and policy development for our school.

At CIAA, it is our pledge to provide a bully-free environment where all students have the right to feel safe and to be safe. We, the Knights, pledge to show respect and courtesy to our peers and authority figures. We will honor our pledge by working together to build a safe and respectful school community.

We, the CIAA community, believe the most reliable resource in the classroom is the effective teacher. Knowing this, we are dedicated to providing a challenging educational program that meets the unique cognitive, affective and social needs of our learners through challenging, but also nuturing, caring, and secure learning environments.

School Uniform
Monday-Red; Tuesday-White; Wednesday-Blue; Thursday-Green; Friday-Yellow

** School Improvement Plans are required of every public school. CIAA's school improvement plan is available upon request to anyone who asks.**
For questions, comments, suggestions or ESL needs, please contact Brandi Hamm at bhamm@tipton-county.com 
or call (901)475-2792.